Shibani Gaikwad

The Performative Body
I Am (Not) Dancing
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Using her own body as a vessel for carrying subject matter, Shibani has incorporated her performance works with conceptual aspects dealing with topics such as human connections, space and time, light and sound effects. Since performance art originated from the theatre, she feels that it is abstractly connected with performing arts such as dance. Her works are related to choreographic interventions with respect to space and time. She demonstrates dance as a form of information and choreography as a form of communication through her works.In I Am (Not) Dancing, the artist is trying to investigate some of the traditional, cultural, and aesthetic differences between Performance Art and Performing Arts. The choreography is manipulated in such a way that the entire dance (here, performance) can be seen as broken parts, collapsing yet merging together into one piece of art. Concentrating specifically on body movements and then rendering the context of human connection, she is trying to portray her lack of interest in participating to the audiences, through her (dance) performance. This can be experienced more clearly from the performance video as she is showing my back towards the audience in order to refuse to show her face, identity, and expressions to them.

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