Rahmah Binte Kamarulzaman

The Performative Body
Paradox of Perfection
Video Art
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Rah's current practice revolves around the concept of obsessive cleaning.
Her latest performance piece titled “Paradox of Perfection” explores the different approaches relating to the current situation of the pandemic in Singapore. With relation to the 'self', she focuses on the different compulsive disorders centering around her own obsession with cleaning. Paradox of Perfection is a performative piece between self and perfection within an object through cleaning. The work shows an obsession with perfecting and cleaning a wok that relates to the female body as it's most distinguishing feature. The long-term usage of a wok seasons it with colour and texture over its rounded bottom. The idea of cleaning the bottom of the wok perfectly by scrubbing it with a metallic spiral silver gives the audience an idea of the exhaustion of being unable to achieve a perfect condition for the wok.

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