Priyamvada Bhanger

Video Art
2D mediums for frames -watercolours, charcoal, video editing - premier pro, frame editing- illustrator and photoshop
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Priyamvada Bhanger is BA .Hons Fine Arts student from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her works revolve around the topic of communication and its humorous, ironical or satirical representations. #chatoverpostacrds is an initiative she started on instagram to start conversations with people from all over the world through non-technological means. She uses watercolours and charcoal for her 2D illustrations, embracing spontaneity through the use of these mediums. Her works are generally documentative in nature in the form of journals, archives etc. Recently she has started using and exploring the techniques of stop motion animation and video, which give her more freedom to embrace her mind’s fictions in an anecdotal manner.
The video work Abstract embraces the fiction the mind creates while looking at reality. Eight postcards made in Gilles Massot’s class of “History of Reality and Fiction” - where Gilles is portrayed doing ballet during lectures - have been animated humorously. His engaging and entertaining traits have been picked up to create the animation.

IG: @priyambhanger @bhangerpriyamvada_art

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