Myo Thet Hnin

To Hold You, Control You, Owe You and Not Know You
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Myo’s priority as an artist is to inject whimsicality in her works, exploring ideas inspired by playfulness, curiosity and wistfulness. Having previously specialised in dry mediums, Myo had taken a keen interest in mixed media in the recent years. Her works are often influenced by Architecture and Interior Design. She applies different mediums and techniques in her approach to creating depending on the characteristics and the materiality of the work, while enjoying the processes of experimentation and discovery in her practice. She engages her projects as a form of self-fulfilment and manifestation of her zealousness. She believes that art is too complex and exhaustive of a praxis to have a presumed idea of what is permissible as an outcome or a denouement.To Hold You, Control You, Owe You and Not Know You is a philosophical research-based journey of figuring out the essence of Earth's soil. This journey opened the artist’s eyes to the rich history and science behind something people take for granted everyday. The performative process of assembling the particles of soil is a visual representation of the relationship the artist built with the soil.

IG: @the.myosaurus

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