Lim Zeharn

Video Art
Against Time
Single-channel high definition video
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Lim Zeharn is a Singaporean artist whose works range from designed objects to kinetic and video installations. He employs wit and absurdity to focus on universal aspects of human experience such as time, consciousness and monotony.Zeharn has participated in many group exhibitions internationally including Modern Panic VIII in London and most recently, A.void as part of Polyphony: Southeast Asia in China. He has also served as curator and initiated several independent arts-related projects since 2015. For his work, Zeharn was named a finalist in the IMPART Awards 2019.

Against Time portrays a businessman rushing in a train station. Multiple shots of the hurrying character are spliced together in a continuous sequence and looped. Perpetually moving across the frame towards an unknown destination, the video is a jarring reflection and questioning on the haste and monotony of everyday life.

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