Lim E-Lynn Joanne

Code Abstractions
Nevertheless It Spread Itself Into Nothingness
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Joanne Lim is a transdisciplinary artist whose work often centers on making the invisible visible. She focuses on the intersection of art and science-tech to explore how perception, time and scale inform the human desire to understand the world and the emotional and psychological place of humans within it. Joanne works on a variety of traditional and experimental mediums ranging from code abstraction, fieldwork and her latest project involves the photography of sound waves.Nevertheless It Spread Itself Into Nothingness explores the word “nothingness” and how it might be presented as a formative element on a digital platform. The aim of the artist is that through viewing this work, the viewer may have a sense that ‘nothing’ and ‘something’ are two inseparable components of one whole in the formation of artistic forms.

IG: @elynnjo

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