Kirsten Kim

Video Art
The White Cube
Single channel video
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Singapore-based artist, Kirsten Kin (b.1999) is a contemporary painter interested in the relationship between image and memory and how the two shape people’s perception of the past. In fully immersing herself into images from her past to reimagine them as paintings, she explores how memory mediates the space between image, painting and feeling. She is currently pursuing a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS, where she is interested in the semantics of ultramarine blue and how they inform the narrative of her works.
The White Cube is a single channel video exploring the notion of whiteness as a marker of cleanliness, purity, transcendence. It observes the rituals of corporeal release and the automatic theatrics of gesture, as antithetical traditions within the toilet space. This, coupled with sounds of the everyday, imbue the superficial aura of the space with irony and indifference as it is paralleled with that of the gallery.

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