Jung Yunju

The Performative Body
The Burdens of Life
3 minutes video/Performance with 3D objects
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The artist's inspiration came from the Performative Body sessions which included time (endurance), balance (water bottles) and one minute performance with bricks. During the session, Yun ju felt like her life was similar to the performative action, since as a human being, a mother and a wife, she has to deal with many different tasks every moment and is forced to balance them. Sometimes, they feel like burdens. Mostly, however, they are important and she is thankful for her life, and through this work would like to talk about these components of life, especially as a woman. This work is called The Burdens of Life. Everyday objects such as vases and bowls in this performance work represent the burdens in life as people get old. They represent the weight of one's life, or in other words, responsibility and maturity. The circle on the ground symbolises the daily routine which is constantly repeated.

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