Divyam Raghunath

The Performative Body
Love Your Skin
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Divyam is a fine artist based in Singapore but originally comes from India, where people don't usually accept art as a career option. His main motive is to change people's mindset about art. He has completed his high school diploma from Welham Boys' School in India, and is currently completing his undergraduate degree in BA Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. His aim as an artist is to impact the people of the world in a positive way through his artworks. Divyam’s art practice is based on self-expression, so all his artworks are based on my real life experiences that are expressed in the form of gestures and movements. They are based on pressure sensitivity and colour psychology. The colours and brushstrokes in his canvas paintings define his everyday mood and emotions, like a personal diary. Love Your Skin focuses on racism and colourism. The artist, though excited by travelling, has come across racial comments being hurled at him in subtle - and at times, a not so subtle -way whenever he visited a foreign land, People tend to form opinions about others on the basis of their skin colour, and this makes one question their self worth and identity. It is easy to take such comments to heart and they bring your morale down. But the artist urges you to imagine a world where no one could see, every human being on this planet was blind and the concept of sight didn’t even exist. What a world would that have been! No discrimination, no racism, nothing. People accepting all skin colours with open arms. There would be equality, love and acceptance everywhere. In this performance, the artist and other participants are painting him with colours of their choice. Since the blindfold stops the artist from seeing the colours, he cannot discriminate. Through this performance, the artist is accepting all other colours while at the same time embracing his own.

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