Chang Ting Hsuan

Video Art
The Dark Sky Wants To Rain
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Catherine Chang Ting Hsuan, is a practising visual artist living in Singapore. She is currently pursuing her studies in Lasalle, Ba(Hons) in Fine Arts. She has worked across different mediums ranging from sculpture, painting, graphic design, sound art to installation art. She creates artworks that revolve around subjects of every day, memory, playing of forms to identity and space. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and inquires to impose the desire for fulfilment.
The Dark Sky wants to Rain, a direct translation of a Taiwanese Minnanese nursery rhyme ”天黑黑”, talks about the culture that the culture is familiar with while simultaneously feeling distant from it. The idea of the closet becomes a welcoming place of comfort and a hiding place towards a mythic place of desire. While the conversation incorporates the juxtaposition of landscape archetype, it establishes the artist’s sense of displacement. One can experience the failure of upholding a culture while experiencing the ability to adapt to migration in a form of seeking desire. There is no escape from the immersed attachment of oneself to the physical place it offers, but the experience of moving away from the origin will cause a “partial shedding of the skin”. Thus one can only make sense of this in the form of memory, unable to locate the past anymore.

IG: @la.vender_creates

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