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Chan Hong Ting (b.1998, Singapore) is a visual artist who previously majored in printmaking in her Diploma years. Deviating from the traditional mediums of printmaking, Chan employs drawing and crafting as new ways of translating and manipulating visuals and experiences. Revolving around ideas of traces and transformations, her practice stems from her attentiveness to objects, materials, and spaces found in her domestic and natural environment. Through her attempts of deconstruction and reconstruction of “parts” and “wholes”, she explores notions of the presence, absence, and the less noticed. She is currently fascinated with paper - specifically paper pulp - as a shapeshifting and organic material in the re-creation of new forms and perspectives, in reflection of her surrounding environment.Inspired by the concept of an emergent system, in which behaviours and properties emerge as a result of small elements interacting in a wider whole, this work is a reflection of the organic interactions in nature, and encourages the careful scrutiny of the small elements that come to life, grow and fade in sizes and colours when the mouse is clicked or released.

IG: @honggtingg, @haitch.tee

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