Azri Bin Alwi

Through the eyes of beholders I
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Azri's specialization is painting, but current explorations are taking him back to time lapse photography and video. His practice centers around the experience of beauty and he draws inspiration from nature, memory and reflection. Seas, skies and stories are the name of the game. He has a fondness for traditional modes of representation and often wonders if society is just a little bit too engrossed in innovation and progress. Currently he is eagerly dreaming to swim in clean, open seas and gaze at uninterrupted horizons.Through the eyes of beholders I is an exploration into the collective experience of divers. Using words, footage and other visual material from Uncle Benny, Nicholas, Justin, Junyao and Celine (the artist’s friends and fellow divers), the artist hopes to share the deeply personal and yet unified experience of nature that diving offers.

IG: @azri.paints

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