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Andrea Rachael Danker is an aspiring visual artist born in Malaysia. Her art practice revolves around the notion of the everyday through themes of forming connections. Not limiting herself to one medium, she engages a range of approaches from 2D works to sculptural elements that best articulates her art practice. Exploring the interaction of our physical existence with everyday objects that surround our spaces, she seeks to form new meanings and conscious alterations in the way we observe the banality of everyday life. She is a part-time educator and enjoys conducting art lessons for children. Andrea is currently based in Singapore.The work is about reimagining reality and how what we perceive may not always be the actual nature of reality. If this is so, then do we then just exist in the creation of our consciousness? Inhabit is a visual exploration manifested in the accumulation of energy, present within our minute existence in this universe. Amplifying the vastness of the space we reside in, the subtle nuances of the gradual matter becomes the focal point - an immersed form of looking and noticing. Through the iteration of its form, it simulates an embodiment of slowness as an act of resistance towards the constant evolving social constructs embedded within our own consciousness. In addition to the intricate movement and growth, there exist fleeting gestures that reflect the internal dynamics of what we know versus what is really true and present in reality. The particle floating and manifesting in its own form against the ample negative space brings forward the absence of spatiotemporality in an attempt of questioning the outlook of the representation and experience of our consciousness. Directing the viewer’s focus on the slow yet gradual visual change invites them to ponder on their physical presence within life.

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