Sound A Mutual Tuning

Symphony of the Scarab: A Dung Beetle’s Tale, 2023 
Audio, illustrated storybook 
150 x 150 cm 

Symphony of the Scarab, a sound art installation that weaves together the enchanting sounds of nature with the whimsical narrative of a children's book tale about a dung beetle, The Adventures of Ringo the Dung Beetle. The book tells the heartwarming tale of Ringo, a curious dung beetle who embarks on a quest to find the perfect ball of dung. As visitors read each page, they are guided through an enchanting soundscape that mirrors Ringo's journey, enhancing the emotional resonance of the story. Symphony of the Scarab celebrates the wonder of nature and the perseverance of small creatures. 

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Zheshi Afandi (b.2002, Singapore) is a multimedia artist who enjoys incorporating various elements into her work such as sewing and printmaking. She draws her inspiration from her childhood experiences, both shared and personal. Working primarily with mixed media illustrations, she continually attempts to bring out a sense of playfulness and spontaneity, in which she is particularly interested in. Her works have been exhibited at various platforms including the launch of her recent book titled You’re Invited at Singapore Art Book Fair (2022).