The Performative Body

Again and again and again, 2023 
Video performance with rice powder 
02:34 Runtime 

Again and again and again is a series of videos condensed into one, made to prepare the artist for her final performance. The videos featured are recordings of her drawing ‘’kolams’’ on the floors of various places that she holds close to home. It follows the artist’s weekly routine of waking up everyday before the sun rose to draw the kolams, as per the traditional way kolams were made. 

I am my (ma)ther’s savage daughter, 2023
Live performance with red turmeric and rice powder

I am my (ma)ther’s savage daughter reflects the repetitive cycle of the artist’s rebelling against her mother before seeking forgiveness from her, using the “kolam” - a form of traditional decorative art using rice flour. Her performance is almost meditative, representing the need to pacify her mother and beg for forgiveness. The increasingly aggressive act of using “kungumam” signifies the breaking points of their relationship, fracturing from the rebellious acts committed as well as anger consuming her mother.

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Thirishaa Selvaraj (b. 2003, Malaysia) uses elements like sarees, rice powder, and hair to connect shared experiences amongst Indian women and heal her relationship with her mother. Her artwork "கட்டு/Kaṭṭu" was displayed at the Lasalle Show (2023), and she contributed a photo essay to Praxis Press (2022-2023). Thirishaa also partnered with the Singapore Art Museum and the Association of the Visually Handicapped to create The Touch Collection in 2023, making art accessible to people regardless of their disabilities.