The Performative Body

Fading Lullaby, 2023 
Video performance 
01:54 Runtime 

Fading Lullaby, 2023
Live performance with feathers

Fading Lullaby explores the theme of mortality through the visual poetry of falling feathers. These feathers symbolise the passage of time and life’s fragility. The artist’s meditative interaction with them is delicately accompanied by various picture frames of varied sizes. The intricate use of frames provides an array of different viewpoints to the audience, authenticating the individuals’ different lived experiences. The performance questions life’s brevity and the challenges the artist faces in dealing with the inevitable. 

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Teck Lim (b. 1979, Singapore), a photographer and artist, weaves performance, installations, and photography together, often incorporating frames to explore human perception. His recent exploration of mortality, spanning Switzerland, Yogyakarta, and Tokyo (2022-2023), involves cross-cultural collaborations. Lim encourages viewers to rethink their connection with imagery and confront life's transience, transcending borders to encourage conversations and introspection.