The Performative Body

[what could it look like to disappear?], 2023 
Split-screen video performance, text to voice AI generation
03:02 Runtime 

In Greek mythology, the Asphodel Meadows were where unremarkable souls were said to reside after death. Though considered neutral, it is often depicted as uninviting; to discourage mediocrity in a culture that valued exceptionalism. Siew co-opts and parallels this allegory to his lived experience as a queer youth navigating today's hetero-capitalist landscape. Challenging the narrative of being a "productive member of society", he potentiates the vanishing point and agential inscrutability as gestures of queer protest. 

The Myth of Sissypuss
, 2023
Live performance with queen-sized bed frame, chest harness, shorts, socks

The Myth of Sissypuss sees Siew circle the perimeter of the courtyard with a stoic expression; holding up a fluorescent queen-sized bed frame, while dressed in similarly coloured gear. As time passes, he gradually crumples in exhaustion. Drawing from lived experience, Siew addresses the various ways queer men may "compensate" for their supposed sexual deviance through hetero-capitalist signifiers of success — even at the expense of their physical and mental well-being.

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Siew Guang Hong (b. 2000, Singapore) is an interdisciplinary artist who utilises biological investigation to propose new ways of understanding non-normative subjectivities. Exploring assemblage and abject aesthetics, he develops post-humanist modalities to queer autobiography and absurdist obliteration. Notably, Siew has exhibited works at Supperhouse, Starch, Sculpture 2052, Pulse Gallery Bangkok and Straits Gallery. He has also conducted workshops at Singapore Cancer Society and Singapore Management University. He has received the Lasalle Scholarship, the TIF-SOTA Scholarship and the David Marshall Scholarship.