Social Forms of Art

Moving Picnic, 2023 
Picnic mat, picnic flag, tea time snacks 
Dimensions Variable 

Moving Picnic is a self-proposed residency as a means to connect. It is an exercise to be fully present, confronting matters at hand. Even if just for a moment, the artist encourages audiences to connect and share ownership over the space before parting their separate ways. For a period of 7 weeks, Moving Picnic is activated on each Friday, with One Night Only being its final destination. 

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Sarah Noorhimli (b. 2001, Singapore) is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily with images, traversing the appropriation of technology through the lens of the mundane. Her practice is grounded in the notion of sentimentality and more recently, the chronic urbanization of her local landscape. She collaborates with Apple technology to create technologically-contaminated images. She was recently nominated for the International Takifuji Art Award in 2022.