The Performative Body

as the end moulds between your fingertips how do you recall the beginning of the world? , 2023 
Video performance with ultrasound noise recording 
02:07 Runtime 

The space reveals a barren body yearning for comfort in the most basic acts of care, gradually exposed to find themselves wrapped within a cold absence.

yet another body, an other skin, 2023 
Live performance with organic matter

yet another body, an other skin acts as an attempt to mediate the shifting archetypes within the feminine body as one comes to terms with womanhood. The performance conceives a means of connection between matters beyond perceptible gestures, offering a new narrative towards the complex cycle that guides us, forming a synthesis through intuitive materiality.

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Rahmaqilah Ratna Hadi (b. 2000, Indonesia) is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently exploring the performativity and materiality of the human body. Through tactile sensibility, she offers alternative representations into objects and the environments that make them.