Sound A Mutual Tuning

5.64 × 10^14 Hz Attention Purgatory Device, 2023 
532nm green laser, amplifier, headphones, galvanised steel, seat, tactile 
Dimensions Variable 

Drawing on our eye’s heightened sensitivity to the wavelength of green light, the frequency value of a 532nm green laser beam is corresponded to a sonic register of 5.64 × 10^14 Hz, which falls approximately on the musical note of C albeit 35 octaves above the human audible range. A 6:5:4 polyrhythm accompanies the falling C tone, alluding to the mathematical ratio of C major chord, known to be the most harmonious chord in Western musical lexicon. Various stimuli that are in concord—meant to lure our sensibilities and fields of attention—are hotwired to disorient our sense-perception, defying against the oversatiating media-saturated feedback loop of techno-capitalist homogeneity. 

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Nuhayd Naufal (b.2001, Indonesia) is a multimedia creative based in Singapore. His practice reflects extensively on the intricacies of desire, its volatile movements and its contingent effects of fragmentation. Coalescing a brash visual language with subliminal poignance, he materialises the contradictions of subjective experience estranged within its tech-mediated environment.