Sound A Mutual Tuning

She murmurs, 2023 
Illustration, audio 

She murmurs comprises a meticulously arranged soundscape, which vividly represents a facet of the human experience. The sounds, ranging from gentle whispers to intense crescendos, reverberate off the walls, weaving an intricate tapestry of emotions that fills the space. It unfolds as a duologue between two sisters who share their vulnerabilities and open up about their intrusive thoughts, creating an intimate space of exposure. 

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Sabina Kim (also known as Na Hyeon Kim, b.2003, Korea) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work delves into the intricate and enigmatic realm of twinhood. Her creative journey has been deeply influenced by her own experiences as a fraternal twin and her relentless curiosity about the profound connections that exist between twins. With a unique blend of visual storytelling and conceptual exploration, her art captivates audiences by unravelling the mysteries of duality, identity, and shared existence.