Wearable Art

Passion fruit tea, 2023 
Wearable art piece, tea bags, thread, basin, kettle, mugs, bottles filled with water 
Dimensions variable 

Passion Fruit Tea is a combination of a bodily performance and a wearable art piece which touches on themes of intimacy, desire, emotional distance and consumption. The artist stands in a basin of water, wearing a pair of shorts which he made out of tea bags. The artist then proceeds to use the mugs around him to pour water over his body repeatedly, slowly brewing tea from the teabags on his body, into the basin. 

Image 1 – Courtesy of Ajam Sali (Studio Silo)

Image 2 – Courtesy of Jaya Khidir

Image 3 – Courtesy of Jaya Khidir

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Muhammad Mustaghfir (born in 2000, Singapore) is a multidisciplinary art practitioner whose work encompasses drawing, sculpture, performance, installation and printmaking. In his current practice, he is exploring the body in relation to clothing and its performativity in an attempt to understand intimacy. His exploration of identity and gendered expectations is confronted through his interventions with domestic and everyday objects. Through this, he draws meaning from the simplicity of his everyday encounters, surfacing the intersections of bodily duties and bodily desires.