Sound A Mutual Tuning

State Of Being, 2023 
Audio, photography, installation 
Dimensions Variable 

The soundscape creates an ethereal atmosphere to trigger an introspective experience. soft, ambient tones echo a serenity and contemplation. it acts as a guiding force onto a metaphorical journey of personal growth. With the ability to capture images beyond the limitations of traditional techniques, AI photography serves as a metaphor for the boundless potential of our own personal journeys. Each photograph invites viewers to delve into their own reflections and contemplate the diverse facets of their identity. 

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Muhammad Amirul Adli (b.1994, Singapore) an art - practitioner, draws inspiration from poetry, music, and philosophy for his work. His artistic focus is primarily on existentialism, which is evident in his art practice. Having a major in photography, he is keen on exploring multidisciplinary areas for his artistic pursuits.