Sound A Mutual Tuning

The Sound of Emptiness, 2023 
Glass container water 
Dimensions Variable 

The artwork, The Sound of Emptiness invites the viewer into a meditative exploration of the Chinese Buddhist concept of emptiness and existence - "非空非有,即空即有", which roughly translates to "Neither emptiness nor existence, what is empty is existing." This holistic installation and sound art piece, grounded in the elemental simplicity of water, serves as a thought-provoking reflection on the paradoxical nature of reality as seen through the lens of Buddhist philosophy.

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Lyu Jiaying (b.2002, China) is an installation artist with a background in visual art. Her work draws heavily on her cultural context, incorporating traditional Chinese elements into her installations. She is particularly skilled at creating abstract and unconscious drawings that explore themes of identity and memory. Lyu Jiaying has a unique approach to her art, often experimenting with unconventional materials to create her installations. Through her work, she seeks to create a dialogue between past and present, and to encourage viewers to reflect on their own cultural heritage.