Wearable Art

I Have a Big Head, 2023 
Bamboo sticks, paper mache, air-dry clay and other various materials
Dimensions variable 

I Have a Big Head fuses the artist's painting practice with sculptural expression, drawing inspiration from Chinese big-headed dolls. Crafted from bamboo sticks, paper mache, air dry clay and various materials, this oversized sculptural head transcends mere mask status, embodying the artist's inner self and alter ego. The artwork delves deep into identity, challenging viewers to explore their self-perception beyond the canvas. Wearing this 'larger than life self-portrait' becomes a transformative experience, akin to performers in lion dances. Lucas intentionally wears the head in public, seemingly alone, to embrace vulnerability and evoke genuine reactions from passersby. 

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Lucas Tan (b.2000, Singapore) is a practicing fine artist whose creative ventures include figurative painting and various forms of visual storytelling. Often leaving his works up to the interpretation of the audience, he is interested in evoking emotions through the rendering of dream-like environments, encompassing inter-human space and coexistence.