Rendering Realities

Farmboy’s Temptation Run-01, 2023 
LED Screen 
16:9 Single Channel Video Looped, 2min 

Farmboy’s Temptation Run-01 is a single-channel loop animation that follows Farmboy seeking to escape from the temptations of the city. The artist’s inspiration for this animation was drawn from her experience with the subtle temptations during her work, which in turn shaped her creative concept for this video. Simultaneously, Farmboy, a character she created, symbolizes peace and the essence of humanity, yearning for simplicity in life. 

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Liz Yap (b.2002, Malaysia) is an artist working in the fields of illustration and animation. Her work blurs the distinctions between vibe and vision, both in composition and subject matter. Whether collaborating or working individually, her pieces are recognized for their adept incorporation of ethereal themes, often delving into the intangible aspects of the human experience.