Art & Ecology

Fictoflorus Concreta, 2023 
Prints on cloth 
Dimensions variable 

In Fictoflorus Concreta, the artist assumes the role of a fake botanist, revealing a collection of 'newly discovered' plant species. However, these specimens are merely weeds, grass, and plants uprooted due to urbanisation. The work presents a commentary on the relentless human quest to control and manipulate the natural world. It is a call to environmental awareness, underscoring how a small patch of land has borne witness to the destruction of countless plants. May we be reminded of the global impact of urbanisation and deforestation on our planet's ecosystems, urging us to reflect on the consequence of nature's daily, irreplaceable loss. 

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Krithiyaa Senthilkumar (b. 2001, India) explores the nexus between nature and self in her work. Focused on themes like mental health and self-exploration, her art serves as a reflection of her inner world. She channels her experiences and emotions into creations, offering viewers a glimpse into the intricate relationship between the human psyche and the natural world.