Social Forms of Art

Outer You, Inner You, 2023 
Canvases, puzzle Pieces, crayons, tiny circle stickers of images of portrait paintings 
Dimensions Variable 

Outer You, Inner You is an interactive exercise designed to show that a simple Artistic Expression from many people can be combined into one large artwork, which is based on the notion that anyone can be an Artist. This activity serves the dual purpose of letting both viewers and participants reflect on their both Physical Appearance and Inner Self. 

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Kim Yoon Jhee (b. 2002, Korea), is an artist who is pursuing her degree in Lasalle, as she finally found her topic of interest to explore in Art, a 2D Architecture. She utilizes various uses of media in her experimentations, which includes Painting, Sewing, and Taping. She joined this Studio Elective to experience what it takes to cooperate with people outside her comfort space, as an Artist.