Sound A Mutual Tuning

Walk & Play, 2023 
Sound, photography 
Dimensions Variable 

This artwork serves as a poignant reflection of the vivacity that surrounds us, even in the most seemingly ordinary moments. It reminds us that our inner child still resides within, ready to be awakened by the simplest of experiences. The footprints, the rustling leaves, and the children's voices are not just elements in the scene but vessels carrying the essence of our shared human experience, inviting us to revisit the liveliness in our surroundings and the timeless beauty of our inner worlds. 

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Jolyn Eng (b.2000, Singapore) is an art practitioner currently pursuing her degree at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. With a graphic design background, her key interests lie in painting and assemblage. She has taken the opportunity to investigate a variety of mediums while creating works that probe the connections between objects and the activities around us. Upon starting a travel sketchbook, she has been inspired to explore the subject of our presence in modern life by seeking out the absence of an object value. She hopes to reconnect the audience with the daily essentials that are hidden in our bustling surroundings.