Wearable Art

Water bronze, 2023 
Fabric, wires and varnish 
Life size 

Water Bronze is a water themed work inspired by Brother Joseph McNally's sculpture, Lightning. The artist portrays elements of fluidity from Lightning and the silhouette of a Ruqun skirt from the traditional Han clothing. She also incorporates lightness in her work alongside all the fluidity by using the lightweight fabric used in a Ruqun skirt. Water Bronze is a work both sinuous and vibrant with colors and an appreciable silhouette. 

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Iris Nogués Johansson does not define herself as an artist but a craftsman. Her interest in various artistic disciplines allows her to express her interests in various mediums and formats, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and textile art. Currently pursuing artistic training as an exchange student in Singapore, she is trying to divorce herself from the purely digital and technical course she is about to graduate in Spain, her home country. She drives inspiration not only from self reflection, but also from the numerous travels she has taken throughout her childhood and teenage years.