Sound A Mutual Tuning

Digital climate, as the machine wails, 2023 
Speakers, video projection, image stills 
Dimensions Variable 

Digital climate, as the machine wails is an sound art installation that focuses on the theme "Machine as organisms'. In the post digital world today, machines have gone beyond production of commodities to becoming a crucial aspect of our life, artificial intelligence has granted a certain degree of consciousness to machine learning. Through the noise and echoes produced by the working components of the “machine", how would this soundscape still be portrayed to the human's sensory perceptions. 

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Fong Wei Han (b.1992, Singapore) is an art practitioner who is interested in the notions of materiality as well as the effect of accelerationism in contemporary society. His works investigates the connection between the existing perception of the materials whilst trying to provide the audience with a defamiliarized view, in hopes of creating an interconnected grid for the audience.