The Performative Body

The waters, they teach me how to breathe, 2023 
Video performance with plant, water, bucket, scoop 
02:28 Runtime 

It surfaces, it recedes. An attempt to save another, a withholding of words. Slow to anger, slow to speak. Breathing in, breathing out. 

The waters, am I healed, 2023
Live performance with yellow paper, lighter, cups, water, kettle

A gesture of love, an act of faith, an attempt to save another. 
A grudge, an unforgiveness, a weapon to yield during battle. 
To love, to forgive, to let go.

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Darren Chan (b. 2001, Singapore) is an artist who is interested in using found objects, mainly discards, in his work. He seeks to breathe new meaning to the discarded and to understand the psyche behind our act of throwing away, uncovering a new perspective of materialism through such everyday objects.