Wearable Art

Cunning, 2023 
Fabric, Acrylic Paint, Modeling Paste 

Cunning is a wearable sculpture that combines dark fantasy and animalistic forms, symbolizing traits like ambition, immortality, obsession, fortune, and intellect. Inspired by Brother Joseph McNally's "Leaf" bronze artwork, it encourages students to embrace ambition and imagination in their artistic pursuits, challenging the notion that the artwork is solely negative. 

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Danielle (b.2001 , Philippine) is a Filipino based artist, has been honing her art skills since childhood. Originally a musician, she discovered drawing and expanded her talent to painting and digital art. Her work challenges boundaries and explores social issues, influenced by pop-culture, music, graffiti, renaissance, surrealism, and dark art. Danielle is open to collaborations and exploring new venues, and welcomes inquiries about her portfolio.