Wearable Art

Garden of Dreams, 2023 
Crepe paper, paper, can can, wires 
Life size 

In the Garden of Dreams, one can experience a combination of meticulously crafted paper blossoms that spiral up and grow at varying speeds, symbolizing the growth of young and emerging artists in Singapore. In honor of Brother Joseph McNally's dedication to allow young artists in Singapore to flourish and blossom like nature, Garden of Dreams hopes to encapsulate his dedication and live on his legacy for an eternity, keeping the artistic community forever in bloom. 

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Alicia's artistic practice is deeply rooted in her desire to empower others through the limitless potential of dreams and imagination. Inspired by the resilience and companionship of animals, particularly dogs, her artwork often portrays these loyal creatures as symbols of hope and strength. By immortalizing them in her paintings, Alicia not only pays tribute to their unwavering spirit but also reminds us of our own ability to overcome life's challenges. She aspires to refine her skills and expand her creative vision and aims to inspire others to break through their self-imposed limitations and embrace the endless possibilities that lie within their own imagination.