Wearable Art

Blue Ballerina, 2023 

Blue Ballerina reinterprets Brother Joseph McNally's swan sculpture through the lens of femininity, transforming the swan sculpture into a wearable work of art. For the artist, swans embody elegance and grace, reminiscent of ballerinas and their ability to convey emotions through movement. The wearable art creation seeks to encapsulate the essence of a ballerina's tutu adorned in hues inspired by swan sculpture. Through the flowing materials and motion, the artist aims to convey the timeless elegance and grace of a swan. 

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Ang Peilin (b. 2000, Singapore) is fine artist who specializes in painting, printmaking and installation works. She is currently pursuing her bachelors in fine arts at Lasalle College of the Arts. Peilin's contemporary works focus on evoking emotional responses within the viewer that broaden their perspective and create a connection. She enjoys experimenting with colors, mediums and objects that express her views towards everything surrounding us. Her works often involve personal archival and expressionism.